Whether you are a college graduate looking for the perfect academic institution that will open doors for a fulfilling law career, or a practicing lawyer who intends to start a rewarding career in teaching law, here are some of the best law schools in America to consider:

Harvard University

In the 2017 elections, 14 members of the U.S. Senate and Congress are graduates of the Harvard Law School. Also, figures from the American Bar Association show that more than 80% or eight in 10 Harvard alumni work for large law firms. The rest work in federal government.

Yale University

Yale Law produced two U.S. presidents (Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton), a secretary of state (Hillary Clinton), and 10 U.S. Supreme Court justices. This law school is known for its unique and collaborative culture—there are no class rankings and grades.

University of Illinois

Home to the founding chapter of the prestigious honor society Order of the Coif, the University of Illinois has produced some of America’s most renowned writers of law textbooks and treatises.

City University of New York School of Law

This premier law school specializes in public interest law and is conveniently situated near the offices of New York-based non-profit organizations that hire law graduates from this school.

Columbia University

Graduates of the Columbia Law School comprise a high percentage of those who are employed post-graduation. They are also among the best paid, with an average salary that goes as high as $160,000. Columbia Law also produced one Chief Justice and one Supreme Court justice.