LER Law is a law blog that provides essential information to law practitioners in the United States and free legal advice to the general public.

It is a brainchild of two civil litigation attorneys who specialize in insurance and other casualty work. These lawyers take great pride in aggressively yet fairly handling civil claims of any sort. Over the years, this has included claims involving auto accidents, premises liability, general liability under commercial policies, coverage litigation, environmental liability, land use, products liability, clergy malpractice, asbestos, governmental body liability, timber trespass; construction litigation and arbitration of all types including EIFS claims; discrimination claims of many kinds; landlord/tenant claims and a variety of personal injury and wrongful death claims in a myriad of contexts.

It is our goal to assist in the resolution of cases for their likely jury value, and to do so fairly, equitably and economically. Opportunities to bring about such a resolution short of the trial are actively sought out.

We recognize that while it is never possible, with absolute certainty, to predict the outcome of litigation before the jury returns its verdict, careful attention to the facts and law of any given case should result in forecasting probable verdict ranges most of the time.